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Orchard Park of Permian Basin is located in the City of Odessa, in Texas. Our community is home to residents that value their independence.

Why It’s Important to Check Out Therapy Programs When Looking for Assisted Living?

When a senior must transition to a new living arrangement, it's best to ensure they have everything they need nearby. While they may be mobile when making the transition, that could change with time. By ensuring they have all needs covered initially, the family can reduce the number of moves the senior must make.  For [...]

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How to Broach the Topic of Assisted Living for a Loved One When Others Disagree

As parents age, emotions can run high among adult children and other family members. Everyone wants what's best for their loved ones, but some people believe that means respecting a previously stated desire to age in place even if it could jeopardize the person's health. Others feel that it's best to explore all options. Even [...]

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Helping Seniors With Clinical Depression

Clinical or major depression increases the odds of premature death, self-harm, and devastating effects for the person and their family. Seniors who have developed this mental illness need consistent care to manage their symptoms and improve their quality of life. Managed care addresses concerns and fears they may have and present them with healthier coping [...]

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Easing the Transition to Assisted Living for Senior

Seniors often dread leaving their homes and moving to a new residence. They realize time is passing and mourn the loss of their youth. Often, they wish to remain independent but recognize they can no longer live alone. Moving has them feeling as if they are leaving memories behind. They wonder if they will be [...]

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Using Words to Uplift Your Elderly Relatives

Watching loved ones age is an experience that many people go through. During these times, adult children, cousins, and other relatives look for ways to provide encouragement to their loved ones. Sometimes, the simplest strategies are the ones that have the greatest effect. Using words is a profound way to uplift and motivate elderly relatives.  [...]

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What You Should Know About Assisted Living vs Home Care

Once a person decides themselves or a loved one needs daily assistance, looking for the proper care becomes essential. Individuals have access to multiple options for care. With this information, people will learn about the differences between assisted living in Odessa, TX and home care to decide which one is best.  The Goal Of Care Is [...]

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Protecting Your Elderly Loved Ones from Scammers

As people begin to age, they sometimes suffer cognitive declines that can prevent them from making sound decisions. Unfortunately, scammers like to target the elderly because they are more vulnerable and viewed as easy prey. Seniors are often more trusting than other adults and may not realize the dangers involved in a situation.  Many scammers [...]

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Tips for Recognizing Early Glaucoma Symptoms

Glaucoma is a common condition for older adults. This condition develops when the optic nerve is damaged, which leads to the progressive loss of vision. For seniors in independent living communities, recognizing the signs and symptoms of glaucoma can be easier than for those living alone. Below are some tips on how to recognize the [...]

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What You Should Know About the Umbrella of Dementia

When a person hears the word dementia, they often think of memory loss. While many people suffering from this condition experience memory loss and confusion, other symptoms come with the disease. In addition, dementia is actually an umbrella term. What does this mean, and why is it important?  Understanding Dementia The terms dementia and Alzheimer's [...]

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Veterans Benefit From Community Living

Veterans spend much of their lives serving their country and are dedicated to protecting the freedoms that everyone holds dear. When retiring, many veterans choose to stay in their family homes, but for so many, this isn't an option. The right communities for veterans offer affordable housing and private apartments. The veterans need a new [...]

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