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Orchard Park of Permian Basin is located in the City of Odessa, in Texas. Our community is home to residents that value their independence.

Veterans Benefit From Community Living

Veterans spend much of their lives serving their country and are dedicated to protecting the freedoms that everyone holds dear. When retiring, many veterans choose to stay in their family homes, but for so many, this isn't an option. The right communities for veterans offer affordable housing and private apartments. The veterans need a new [...]

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Living In Isolation Can Be Dangerous For Seniors

The findings of medical studies show that isolation could lead to an early death for many seniors who feel unimportant and unloved. Even if their family comes to visit regularly, seniors need their own lives and friends. By living alone in a traditional residential property, many of these individuals spend their days in isolation and [...]

Tips on Starting Your Search for a Senior Living Community

When searching for senior living options for yourself or a family member, you might be surprised to see the number of available options. While the communities of the past had a one-size-fits-all approach to senior care, today’s communities focus on well-rounded lifestyles and customized care. Finding the best senior living facility can be difficult, but [...]

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How Memory Care Can Help Those With Dementia And Mental Health Needs

U.S. Alzheimer's Association studies show that, in 2021, more than six million Americans were living with Alzheimer's. One in three seniors dies from a form of dementia, and over 11 million citizens are unpaid caregivers for people who have dementia. Because care can be complex as the condition advances, thousands of Texas families are turning [...]

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Signs to Look For While Visiting Your Parents this Holiday Season

The holidays are upon us, and families across the globe will come together to celebrate. These gatherings serve as the perfect opportunity to check on loved ones you don't see regularly. What signs should you look for when visiting your elderly parents and other loved ones this holiday season?  Household Issues People clean their homes [...]

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Independent vs. Assisted Living: Which Is Right For Me?

According to the U.S. Census, the Baby Boom generation accounts for 73 million citizens born between 1946 and 1964. By 2030, every member of the generation will have reached 65. Many of these seniors are choosing to move into managed communities that provide a secure, relaxed lifestyle. They continue to live vibrant, active lifestyles, and [...]

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