Seniors often dread leaving their homes and moving to a new residence. They realize time is passing and mourn the loss of their youth. Often, they wish to remain independent but recognize they can no longer live alone. Moving has them feeling as if they are leaving memories behind. They wonder if they will be able to make friends and don’t look forward to learning their way around a new place. However, the move can be made easier. The following tips are some ways to ease the transition to a senior living community. 

Reduce the Number of Belongings

When a loved one moves to an assisted living community, they cannot take all their belongings. Help them determine what to keep and what to get rid of. Start with a simple room, such as a bathroom or guest room. These rooms hold fewer memories. By starting here, the loved one feels like they have accomplished something and will be prepared to tackle harder areas of the home. 

Every item in the home may feel important to them. If they struggle to get rid of items, suggest they gift these items to loved ones. Let them know that the loved one will think of them every time the item is used. This often makes it easier to part with things they have held onto for years or decades. 

A Family Affair

One reason seniors often hesitate to move to assisted living in Odessa, TX, is they are worried family members won’t visit them. They are in a safe location, so the family doesn’t feel the same sense of urgency to stop by and check up on their health and well-being. Ensure the senior that won’t happen. When they move to the community, stop by as often as possible. 

The frequency of visits depends, in large part, on the senior. Some people want daily visits while others prefer only having company once a week. When close family members cannot be present, call on extended family members to fill the void. This lets the seniors know they have not been forgotten and are still an important part of the family. 

Offer Options

Some seniors require constant supervision due to health issues they are experiencing. For example, a person struggling with dementia will probably need memory care living arrangements. However, other seniors make the move to a senior living community for a variety of reasons. When the time comes to make this transition, explore all options with them and allow them to choose the one they are most comfortable with. The level of care they require will play a role in which type of arrangement is ultimately selected. 

Even when the senior needs a certain type of community for health or safety reasons, that doesn’t mean they have no control over where they live. Provide them with options whenever possible. For instance, allow them to have a say in how many bedrooms and bathrooms they have or let them decide if they want a kitchen in their unit or if they will eat all meals with other residents of the community. This provides them with a sense of independence and control over their lives at a time when they feel they are losing both. 

Plan the Actual Move

On moving day, plan the trip around the needs of the senior. They may not be able to sit in a car for extended periods, so consider the need for frequent stops when determining the time required to travel to the new residence. If they have mobility issues and will be using any form of public transportation, let the provider know. They can accommodate special requests if they have advance notice.

Certain companies today offer non-emergency medical transportation for individuals who use a wheelchair, must carry an oxygen tank, or have other special needs. Consider using one of these services if the senior could benefit from the extra help. 

Moving a senior to a new residence isn’t an easy task. Use these tips to make the process easier. Furthermore, understand this is a major life change for the senior. Be patient with them as they make this transition. Given time, most seniors find they love their new living arrangements and thrive because they are surrounded by their peers and staff who care about them. 

About Orchard Park of Permian Basin

Located in Odessa, Texas, Orchard Park of Permian Basin serves as home to seniors who wish to remain independent but need some extra help. Our staff and residents love what they do, and this is seen throughout every aspect of our community. Residents live life as they choose regardless of their healthcare needs, as they are our family, and we always put them first.