Senior communities in Texas provide thousands of older citizens with an excellent quality of life and the chance to make friends. Residents can spend time with others, attend group events, and enjoy a menu of scheduled activities. Unfortunately, hearing difficulties can make it nearly impossible for some seniors to enjoy these amenities. Those with hearing challenges often become lonely. With these issues in mind, Orchard Park now offers the Eversound hearing system, a listening system that provides seniors with a range of crucial, life-enhancing benefits.  

Residents Engage Fully 

One of the primary benefits of assisted living is that it provides residents with a sense of belonging. As they age, many seniors lose friends and family and find themselves without companions. Community living offers an instant group of potential friends, but individuals with hearing challenges may be unable to engage with others. 

Senior communities offer residents an array of scheduled events that may include outings. However, those who cannot hear well may not be able to enjoy group activities, lectures, concerts, or even holiday events. 

The Eversound listening system provides each resident with earphones they can wear to enhance their hearing. Seniors can benefit from the experience whether they wear a hearing device, have diminished hearing, or can hear well. The wireless headphones allow them to listen to conversations and other sounds in their environment.  

Hearing Well Reduces Isolation 

Loneliness and isolation are common among older adults, but senior community life can eliminate the problem. Many residents quickly make new friends and live more active social lives than ever. However, those with hearing challenges are in danger of becoming isolated despite the number of people around them. Isolation is a dangerous problem for seniors, so they must be able to communicate with others. 

CDC professionals say that socially isolated people are at greater risk for premature death. They have a 50% higher chance of developing dementia and a 29% greater risk of heart disease. Loneliness is associated with an increased risk of stroke, too.

The Eversound system provides each senior with a headset that allows them to adjust sound levels for their needs. It works for those who can hear well, individuals with diminished hearing, and seniors who use hearing devices.  

There Are Mental Health Benefits 

Offering seniors enhanced hearing with the Eversound listening system can contribute to better mental health. Per The National Council on Aging, communications are essential to living a full life and developing fulfilling relationships. 

Any degree of hearing loss has an impact on quality of life. Poor hearing makes interacting with others difficult. Simple, everyday things like talking on the phone may become frustrating and leave seniors feeling separated from the community. Many individuals with hearing challenges feel awkward, especially if their inability to hear causes them to speak out of turn. 

Using Eversound headphones, seniors hear conversations clearly and can feel confident when engaged in personal or group dialogues. They feel included and lose the feeling that others might be talking about them.  

Family Communication Improves

The Eversound system can improve family relationships strained because of seniors’ hearing challenges. Wearing headphones allows residents of an assisted living community in Odessa, TX to enjoy lively conversations with their families-sometimes for the first time in years. 

When seniors can hear clearly, they can confidently talk about essential things and express any wishes or needs. Families can enjoy in-person and virtual visits. 

Families are also happier with communities that offer Eversound because it can save them the cost of expensive hearing aids. Many families worry about the effects of gradual hearing loss on senior relatives but do not have the budget for hearing devices. Communities are responsible for the Eversound system, and there is no additional charge to residents for its use.

Caregiver Communication Improves 

Communication is especially crucial for caregivers since seniors’ feedback can help determine their needs. Eversound headphones ensure community residents hear therapists, medical practitioners, and daily caregivers.   

Headphones Are Simple and Effective 

Eversound headphones are designed for seniors’ needs and are simple, even for those with dexterity problems. The headphones have an on/off switch and volume control, allowing wearers to enjoy a personal experience.  

Because headphones are wireless, residents can move around freely and still hear conversations, audio, live music, and other sounds in their environment. 

The Eversound listening system was created with seniors in mind and provides crucial benefits to assisted living residents. Seniors enjoy enhanced hearing that helps prevent isolation and improves overall well-being. Residents can participate fully in community activities and enjoy better communication with caregivers and family. 

Orchard Park of Permian Basin is an Odessa, TX assisted living facility committed to providing residents with full, vibrant lives. The community offers various benefits, including the Eversound listening system, which ensures residents can hear and communicate clearly.