According to the U.S. Census, the Baby Boom generation accounts for 73 million citizens born between 1946 and 1964. By 2030, every member of the generation will have reached 65. Many of these seniors are choosing to move into managed communities that provide a secure, relaxed lifestyle. They continue to live vibrant, active lifestyles, and many make living arrangements that provide help with their daily needs.  

With this trend in mind, hundreds of high-caliber senior living communities have sprung up around the U.S. Older Texas residents, for example, have easy access to charming senior living communities designed to suit a wide range of needs. Senior communities offer solutions, whether inhabitants are searching for a breezy, energetic lifestyle or are primarily concerned with safety and access to medical care.

Features of Senior Communities That Benefit All Residents

While everyone choosing a senior living residence can tailor their experience to personal needs, Texas communities generally offer common features benefiting everyone, whether they select independent living arrangements or need help with everyday needs. For example, neighborhoods are very safe, so seniors never have the security worries common in private homes or even apartment buildings. In fact, neighborhoods are often located in beautiful areas considered prime real estate.

All residents have access to common areas that may be used for socializing or spending time with visitors. Seniors can use free transportation and typically are offered a range of meal options that include restaurant-style dining. 

While all communities differ, with some featuring more luxurious accommodations, certain amenities are common to most. For instance, it is typical to offer a choice of well-designed and tastefully furnished apartments.

Homes are designed with seniors’ needs and typically provide safety rails in bathrooms and emergency call buttons. Housing generally includes housekeeping and laundry services. Inhabitants can also get fast medical help any time of day or night. In addition to standard housing, neighborhoods also have apartments specially designed for assisted living.

Exploring Independent Lifestyle Arrangements

One of the primary benefits residents get when moving to a managed community is the chance to

tailor living arrangements to their needs, attracting many active seniors. These are older men and women who could live in their own homes but opt for a more relaxed lifestyle that provides more security. When moving into their communities, they make arrangements that allow them to live independently. 

It is a popular choice that offers residents unique advantages that contribute to their well-being. Perks of the independent lifestyle option include:

1.  A Vibrant Social Life 

Per online publication HealthGuide, active seniors who move to managed communities benefit from meeting new people and making friends. Community living offers independent residents a chance to enjoy planned events, participate in outdoor activities, or even discuss favorite books with groups of like-minded friends.  According to AARP, maintaining relationships with friends results in a happier, healthier life. 

2.  Less Reliance on Family 

It can be challenging for adults who have spent their lives taking care of others to depend on family members for help. Choosing senior living allows mature, independent residents to maintain their dignity and control over everyday life. As long as members are healthy and able, they can enjoy vigorous, interesting activities. If they need help, assistance is always close at hand.  

3.  No Driving 

Many people don’t like driving at the best of times. Thousands are more than happy to give it up and use the safe, reliable transportation provided in senior communities. 

Living Arrangements for Those Who Need More Assistance

Senior communities also offer more assistance for residents who need help with medical or everyday needs. According to AgingCare, an assisted lifestyle is the best choice if seniors currently:

  •   They are not eating regular balanced meals and do not have a nutritious supply of food
  •   Cannot get around safely
  •   Are not wearing fresh, clean clothing
  •   Are not routinely laundering linens and clothes
  •   Do not remember to take medications
  •   Are not regularly having health conditions monitored
  •   Are unable to operate household appliances safely 

Residents can choose the living arrangements they need when moving into senior communities and change options if their circumstances alter. Caregivers ensure that residents who choose assisted lifestyles remain safe and healthy. Support staff monitor seniors carefully and make sure they get needed care if their situations change. 

Orchard Park is a senior living community in Odessa, Texas, offering residents a choice of living arrangements suited to their needs. Seniors enjoy a range of amenities, a vibrant community, and exceptional care. The staff is committed to ensuring residents live life their way.