Watching loved ones age is an experience that many people go through. During these times, adult children, cousins, and other relatives look for ways to provide encouragement to their loved ones. Sometimes, the simplest strategies are the ones that have the greatest effect. Using words is a profound way to uplift and motivate elderly relatives. 

Statements of Affirmation

When people age, they may feel as though they can no longer contribute to society in a productive fashion. They may also think that they cannot accomplish any further goals. Affirmations can help in combating these notions. Relatives can teach their elderly loved ones about the power of affirmations. Together, families can come up with a list of affirmations to post on the wall of the room in the assisted living center so that the individual sees these powerful statements upon waking. 

Questions and Choices 

Elderly relatives might feel as though they have no autonomy left and that the people around them are the ones making all of the decisions. Simply asking relatives for their feedback and thoughts whenever possible is empowering. There are some situations when the residents of the assisted living community in Odessa, TX, can have total free choice. In other cases, their relatives can pose a series of plausible options. 

Sharing Memories

An important part of memory care can involve talking about enjoyable times in the past. Relatives can tell these stories verbally and also ask for input from the residents. Visitors might ask their relatives to share a favorite story from their childhood or to retell a story that has always been shared at holiday gatherings. Even when loved ones aren’t struggling with memory issues, talking about happy times in the past can bring smiles to their faces. 

Tone and Word Choice 

Sometimes, elderly individuals feel as though their relatives are speaking to them like children. Realizing that individuals deserve to be spoken to like adults is important. People should be careful about using a childish tone or language that is overly simple. Simply speaking to elderly relatives in a normal fashion can show respect and understanding.


Verbal encouragement can be offered in so many ways. If residents accomplish certain milestones or achieve new success in physical therapy or other programs, their loved ones can offer words of praise. Relatives can also encourage their loved ones to try out new programs at the center. For example, some residents are hesitant to go to holiday events or to check out a new club. Encouragement from their loved ones can provide the necessary motivation. 

Writing Letters

Some elderly individuals live far away from their loved ones. While making trips when possible is important, staying in touch between those visits is also crucial. Text messages and emails are two common means of communication, but elderly relatives may prefer a more personal approach. Writing letters is a sentimental and sensitive way to update relatives on what’s going on back at home. Some individuals might have cherished memories of childhood pen-pals that these letters help them to recollect. 

Creative Works

Relatives can also encourage their loved ones to make creative pieces. Residents don’t need to be professional writers to create poetry, short stories or personal essays. Senior citizens often have fantastic stories to tell about their lives, and writing down these words can be an empowering experience. Seniors may very well find a new hobby in this art. The residence may also have clubs where the seniors can get together to share their pieces. 


Loved ones can also share favorite books, articles, verses, or poems with their relatives who are living in the senior residence. Some individuals will feel inspired by stories of people who are in similar places in their lives. Reading can also simply be enjoyable too. Books, articles and other works can simply make readers laugh and feel good about life. 

Word Puzzles

Another creative way to uplift loved ones through words is with puzzles. Some senior citizens love solving crosswords, word scrambles and other similar puzzles. When relatives come to visit, they can bring along books of these games with them. Loved ones may also want to teach their senior relatives how to play these games electronically.

Some people think that only actions have the power to motivate and uplift other humans. However, the fact of the matter is that words can be tremendously effective too. Both during visits and in the time between visits, loved ones can use words to bring joy and faith to their relatives. 

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