Veterans spend much of their lives serving their country and are dedicated to protecting the freedoms that everyone holds dear. When retiring, many veterans choose to stay in their family homes, but for so many, this isn’t an option. The right communities for veterans offer affordable housing and private apartments. The veterans need a new home that makes them feel welcome and understood.  

Assistance With Activities of Daily Living  

Some veterans need assistance with activities of daily living. A community designed for vets presents them with access to nurses that can help. The nurses come to the veteran’s private apartment and help with tasks such as bathing, grooming, brushing their teeth, and getting dressed. Dignity and privacy are important to former service members, and an assisted living community could give these new residents everything in one place. 

Connections With Other Veterans

For many veterans, a sense of community and brother or sisterhood is vital. A retirement community that offers immediate connections with other vets is necessary. The soldiers need to be around like-minded individuals who understand their lives and all that these individuals have lived through during their military careers. While many vets have friendships with civilians, someone who hasn’t served just doesn’t understand. By making new military friends, veterans can thrive and live longer lives. 

Better Management of Medications

Veterans may face challenges such as traumatic brain injuries and memory loss. Conditions such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder are also detrimental to the person’s health and well-being. Doctors provide treatments for these conditions such as medications, and the vets must stick to their medication schedule.

If the individual suffers from memory loss or has any cognitive defects from wartime injuries, the person needs a nurse to monitor their medications and keep the resident medicated properly. Memory care specialists can help these individuals work on ways to remember certain tasks, too. 

Group Activities for Veterans

The communities offer hosted activities and events for all residents that give veterans a great way to make new friends. Socializing through these events is helpful for everyone and takes the stress off their shoulders.

Many of the events feature entertainment and fun activities that all residents enjoy doing. The calendar of events for the community offers details for residents when the community has a new event lined up. The hosted gatherings could also include new hobbies, cooking classes, or other options that are appealing to residents. 

Preventing Isolation and Preventing Depression

Isolation is a fast road to depression for veterans, and they could develop unstable moods. Studies show that veterans who live in isolation do not live as long as they could. Depression and anxiety could become a major part of the person’s life and prevent the individual from enjoying anything the vet once loved. By living in a community instead of all alone, the veterans can make fast friendships with other former military personnel and live a longer and healthier life. 

Access to Medical Services

On-site medical services are available for all residents, and veterans can get emergency help as needed. The communities have a medical team that can help residents if minor accidents happen in their apartments or on the grounds. The staff can contact an ambulance if the individual is facing life-threatening circumstances quickly. 

A Great Home For Veterans

Orchard Park of Permian Basin provides an exceptional opportunity for veterans who want to live in a community. The property presents private apartments and vital services to help former service members with daily tasks and offers great ways to socialize. Veterans and their families can learn more about the community and memory care services by setting up a tour right now. 

A retirement community that welcomes veterans understands the needs of these former service members. For many veterans, injuries from wartime have altered their personalities, bodies, and their minds. Many veterans will need help with ADLs and want privacy. Communities for retired veterans should provide vital services for the veterans, including memory care and help with improving cognitive abilities. 

Local communities can provide veterans with terrific opportunities to socialize and make new friends in a comfortable setting. Studies show that veterans who socialize more live longer and are less likely to die prematurely. Depression and anxiety are common for veterans who live completely alone and don’t socialize or spend time with friends and loved ones. By living in a community, the veterans have access to incredible services, such as transportation, and these individuals stay happier throughout their lives because the vets feel welcome in their new homes.