When a senior must transition to a new living arrangement, it’s best to ensure they have everything they need nearby. While they may be mobile when making the transition, that could change with time. By ensuring they have all needs covered initially, the family can reduce the number of moves the senior must make. 

For example, many individuals choose to move to assisted living communities. The family should ensure this community will be able to accommodate the senior if they must transition to memory care. In addition, the community should have therapy for those individuals who need some extra assistance. Why is this important? 

Why is Therapy Important for Seniors? 

Seniors often face challenges that can be overcome with the help of therapy. A trained therapist in a senior living community can help them carry out daily tasks and provide them with ways they can complete these tasks on their own. 

The needs of each resident vary. Many individuals need occupational therapy to help with daily living tasks. However, this is only one of several types of therapy that will be found in communities created for seniors. 

Therapies That May Be Offered

When comparing assisted living homes, families need to learn which therapies are offered, as this differs by the community. The following are some therapies the family may wish to have available when choosing a home for their loved ones. 

Many seniors benefit from physical therapy. This therapy focuses on improving large muscle movements and benefits those with decreased strength or balance issues. During each therapy session, the seniors work to improve their muscle strength and endurance or maintain their current level. Doing so reduces the risk of accidents. 

Occupational therapy, in contrast, focuses on improving a person’s small muscle movements. These movements are often used as a person completes their daily hygiene tasks. Any senior with a mobility disorder will benefit from this help, as the therapy will teach them new ways to complete everyday chores. 

Any senior that suffers from a breathing disorder will probably see a respiratory therapist. The therapist may massage the individual or tap their chest to loosen any mucus that is present and promote better breathing. However, they may need to visit an independent medical facility for this type of therapy. Staff members in the community will arrange for transportation to these appointments. 

Some seniors need speech therapy, and staff members can arrange transportation to these appointments, as well. This type of therapy goes beyond actual speech. It also addresses any issues a person has with language as well as those that are related to their mouths. For instance, a person who cannot swallow or chew food may see a speech therapist, and the same holds for those who struggle with short-term memory loss. 

However, therapy isn’t only for those who are ill. It also benefits healthy seniors who wish to maintain their current level of independence. When problems are caught early, treating them is easier. Regular therapy sessions allow these problems to be detected in a timely manner.  

The Benefits of Therapy in Assisted Living

Residents of assisted living benefit greatly from therapy. As they can easily access the therapists without leaving the community, engagement and participation increase. In addition, a resident’s medical team can easily communicate with the therapists to learn about any changes in the resident’s status. They can then make changes to the resident’s care plan where needed. 

Seniors who take part in therapy reduce their risk of accidents and boost their mobility. They will be able to do more on their own and rely on other people less. Seniors don’t like to become dependent on others. With therapy, there is less chance of this happening. 

In addition, the therapy helps to build a senior’s self-esteem while allowing them to recover from a hospital stay faster. The therapy is designed to address the specific needs of each resident. 

Individuals with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia do well with therapy. The therapist addresses any behavioral changes seen in these individuals because of their condition. The therapy can ease any frustration the person is experiencing as a result of memory loss. 

Always look into therapy options when comparing senior communities. Many people don’t realize how beneficial these therapies are. They shouldn’t, as seniors can thrive in this setting when they have therapists on hand to assist them in doing so. 

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